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Accessing your loyalty

As I write this on 12.3.23 (MY BIRTHDAY), I am reflecting on why loyalty matters. This weekend, I took a trip to celebrate my birthday and when I entered my Hilton hotel room, I was greeted with a message on the TV - "WELCOME, Deborah Hilton Honors -Diamond". With the extensive amount of travel I have done, I EARNED the highest tier with Hilton which comes with a number of perks. ACCESS to great things and EXCLUSIVE tier level options to name a few. I've been greeted with this message in prior trips but this time it really hit me as I was reflecting on the level of loyalty I've shown others. Whether it is by way of a business or a personal relationship. Loyalty matters!

Why are our personal relationships not evaluated the same way as a business loyalty program? Loyalty is earned in personal relationships the same way it is in business. The same way you can stop doing business with a company that doesn't value you, learn to stop having relationships with people who don't value you. ACCESS to you should be EXCLUSIVE.

Much like my Hilton Diamond status, I have began to evaluate my personal relationships. I am no longer accepting below average when it comes to interaction.

Communication in relationships is like a seesaw, one day it may weigh more heavily on what you need and the next time it's could weigh heavier on what the other person needs. However, at some point it becomes draining when the seesaw continues to be unbalanced.

I found myself recently reflecting on those who have ACCESS to my loyalty. One day I realized that certain people didn't value me the way I deserved and without notice, I terminated their ACCESS. It didn't come without a slow realization that I was being taken for granted. I wish I could have told my younger self how to terminated ACCESS to folks who didn't value me much sooner in life. At least the lesson has been learned.

You MUST take control of your mental health. Evaluate all of your personal relationships like a loyalty program. Make sure that ACCESS to you is EXCLUSIVE. Much like a company loyalty program, our personal relationships should be the same. Don't just give your loyalty away, have requirements.

If you were to offer a loyalty program to gain access to you, what would the requirements be?

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