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Passed on purpose or is the pass the purpose?

How many times in your life have you been passed up? Passed up for the job, the promotion or even love! Don’t be fooled when people say that you shouldn’t expect things. That’s not true!

Have you ever wondered if your purpose is birthed from the pass? All passes aren’t meant to be negative or meant to break us.

I am sure you can think of countless times when you were passed up. I would be typing all day if I named them all! I’ve been passed in ways that have been disappointing, hurtful and some that are just too crazy to speak about publicly. Did it break me? No, but it certainly pissed me off.

The passes have definitely birthed my passion and that is how I found my purpose. I think authentic people find purpose in the pass.

How can you be of value if you let others steal your joy? For me, it is taking years of practice. Years of being treated unfairly and unjust to develop the thick skin to let it roll off so that I can move forward. Quite frankly, I’m still trying to let some things roll off but I’m able to move forward.

Don’t get stuck on the pass.

Do we every really move on from a pass or do we tuck it away and explode when something triggers us later? We are all a work in progress but the good news (as one of my friends so eloquently says), we are all beautiful butterflies. It is up to us to find the passion and purpose in the pass. Butterflies symbolize transformation.

Life is short. Don’t let the pass rob you of your next BETTER thing, take control and let the pass position you for greater!

All of that good stuff sounds like something you can relate to, right? Now what? You read it, you get hyped, you flag it, you share it, you talk about it and then… you do NOTHING! You go back to being unproductive or angry because you’ve been passed up.

1. Ask yourself what you can learn from the pass

2. Ask yourself how you can turn the pass into something positive and productive

No one walks in your shoes…unless you like lending a good pair to someone! Take ownership but don’t wear someone else’s issues. Take control and move on.

Can you think of 2 passes in your life that you haven’t dealt with that have stunted your personal or professional growth?

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