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It's not about who didn''s about who did!

Do you spend more time thinking about how much more advanced you could be if someone helped you?

Do you think about how much you could have done if only there were more people, more time, more resources?

For years I wanted to launch "something". That thing that tells a story or showcases someone else's story.

I often asked myself, what would it look like? Would it be story telling, question and answer or a combination. Listening to someone else's story is always easier than telling your own.

Do stories start with "Once upon a time" or "Let me start by...?" or as you get older "I remember when."

There's got to be an opening line somewhere, right?

When I was a small one (that's elementary talk), I wrote short stories. I thought of being a journalist but I was way to critical of myself. My hair, my skin, my walk, my talk....self sabotage. Truthfully, when was it ever going to be the right time? I'm going to always think of something to stand in the way.

For years I've been writing in journals. Maybe that is where I found my inner journalist!. I don't know why but there is still a fear of writing this and sharing it with strangers. The strangers that will become my Dialoguers. The people who don't care about my hair. The people who don't care about my skin, my goals, my failures etc. The people who really don't know me but my title caught their attention. The person that choose to click and read.

I decided that it doesn't have to be perfect the first time or the know it may never be perfect.

Do what you fear and don't wait for the extra person or thing to make you comfortable. One of my favorite quotes is "The sun is alone too, but it still shines" -unknown.

That quote is powerful me, powerful you...the power of one.

We are one, an individual first before we are a sibling, a friend, a spouse, an employee and the list goes on. We are me!

Stop thinking that you can't do something that you've wanted to do for years. Be your own encourager. To the single parent who can't figure out the next move, to the employee who can't seem to do anything to get that are one powerful force on your own.

Your story is my story, my story is his story, his story is her story, and no matter who is sharing the story we can relate in one way or another. Stop waiting until you take the perfect class, get that degree, buy that house, get that raise, marry that mate, grow your hair, take that trip, cut the grass, wash the matter how small the hurdle, you have already done something AMAZING.

Don't be afraid to tell some of your story. It could change the direction for someone else. Maybe all they need is to hear one word or read one line to motivate them to jump start that stale thought or idea.

We can't be perfect before we are. Read that again...we can't be perfect before we are. In fact, nothing is perfection except God. The sooner you recognize that the better you'll be. Life is a gift and we are blessed everyday we have a pulse. Don't waste time looking at the WHO to your DIDN'T and embrace the WHO to your DID!

I bet when you look in the mirror you forget the person looking back at you. Authentic people usually do. Most likely you missed the WHO DID because you were humbly celebrating someone else. It's ok. Now is the a little selfish. Be a little extra and get that thing done that you've always wanted to do!

What is your fear of doing something that you always wanted to do?

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